Mucha Lucha Atlanta is the first and only company with the sole purpose of creating and promoting Lucha Libre events in the state of Georgia. 

Mexican wrestling is a top grass root sport in Mexico. The popular sport is filled with masked wrestlers and acrobatic takedowns.

Lucha Libre has also trascended the language barrier to some extent as evidenced by works. "Nacho Libre " Mucha Lucha Cartoons & Lucha Underground. It also appears in the other pop culture such as mainstream advertisements. 

Mucha Lucha shows have been a total success drawing thousand of fans from different states around the state of Georgia. Mucha Lucha Atlanta has already crossed state lines having their first show in the state of Colorado this past month of July.

MLA gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your services and products directly to the decision makers, Which are parents, Who make sure that the product the entire family consumes are simply the best. 


This makes MLA the best place to be part of to increase your database with the best reliable information. 


For more information visit our Facebook: Mucha Lucha Atlanta   




Mucha Lucha Events draw between 800 to 1300 fans, Our shows are very culturally diverse. Latinos, African American, Whites, Asians. Also shows are family friendly. Ages range from 3yr old to 60 yr olds. We are expecting MLA11 to surpass our previous event


MLA Global Championship current champion: Austin Theory  

MLA Championship current champion: El Toro Blanco RUSH